Our expertise

La Carpetterie has been specializing in carpet cleaning in Paris for 8 years. Our experience, our professional tools and products, the competency of our staff and our know-how allow us to offer you one of the best quality cleaning services available in the market.

At La Carpetterie, we believe that each carpet is unique, and different according to it's composition, colors, origin, style, age. This is why each carpet entrusted to us will receive the same unique care.

Depending on the condition of your carpet when it arrives at the Carpet Factory, the cleaning process can take up to 17 steps:


The inspection

Upon arrival, your carpet is thoroughly inspected and a description sheet is created. This will enable our workshop manager to determine the best cleaning technique. It notes previous damage, any discoloration, animal urine stains, wine or coffee stains, tears, etc., as well as its origin, composition and age.


Dust off

Dust off is the first step in cleaning your carpet. Formerly done by hand, it is now mechanized and much more efficient. This step will remove dust, dirt, sand and some allergens trapped in the carpet fibers. It is now ready for the next step.



Imagine the hoover you have at home but 10 times more powerful ! For this step, we use a professional hoover that recovers a large part of the encrusted residues.

Without brushes, it respects the fragility of your carpet.



Many stains cannot be removed with a simple wash. We therefore pre-treat these with our professional stain removal products. Whenever possible, La Carpetterie uses products adapted to each type of stain. This step removes the vast majority of stains.


The disinfectant bath

We often ignore it but carpets are real nests for bacteria, microbes and allergens, right behind our mobile phone screens. Your carpet will therefore be immersed for several hours in a disinfectant bath that will make it perfectly healthy.


The color fixative

If this step was deemed necessary during the inspection, your carpet will receive a color stabilizing treatment to prevent any dye transfer during the cleaning phase in order to limit run-off.


Anti-odor treatment

Some old or soiled carpets give off unpleasant odors. In this case, we proceed to a 24-hour natural enzyme bath that will neutralize them all.


Urine treatment

Pet urine stains are one of the most common stains. The Carpet Factory uses a unique extractor that saturates the fibers and then sucks the urine out of the carpet. N.B.: These stains are among the most difficult to treat. La Carpetterie is committed to giving you a clean and healthy carpet, but it may happen that some yellowish marks remain despite all our care.


Carpet cleaning

Cleaning is the key moment in the process, using detergents, a lot of water and a lot of know-how. Each carpet has its own service, classic, premium or artisanal. The latter is the most advanced, the most manual, and the most efficient. It combines the best of traditional cleaning with the most advanced techniques for an impeccable result.


Cleaning the fringes

Fringes are an integral part of the carpet. Often light colored, sometimes made of a different material, they are specially cleaned at La Carpetterie to give them their full luster.


The softener

A carpet treated by La Carpetterie is a clean and healthy carpet, and it is also a carpet that regains its original softness. We therefore use a natural softener developed by us, which restores suppleness and softness to the fibers. The Berber carpets thus find all their swelling.



This important step is done with plenty of water! The carpet is now clean and free of all detergent residues, so that it can be spun.



Specially designed for carpets, our professional centrifuge is a huge tube that holds rolled carpets, spins at very high speed and extracts maximum water without damaging the fibers.


The drying room

The drying of your carpets is done according to the rules of the art in a room dedicated to this stage: large fans reproduce a "wind in the air" effect, a dehumidifier keeps it healthy, and a system that maintains a temperature adapted to the drying of carpets without damaging them.



Your carpet is almost ready! This exclusive finishing step will straighten the pile of your carpet and untangle any fringes.



It is the ultimate touch of refinement for your carpet cleaning. A fresh and discreet perfume, developed exclusively for La Carpetterie, is sprayed on.



We use a micro-perforated, biodegradable plastic to ensure that your mat breathes while being well protected during handling, storage and delivery.