Who we are ?

La Carpetterie is a Parisian company specializing in handmade carpet cleaning.

Founded in France in 2014 by Walid Kerkeni, the company has a long history coupled with ancestral know-how: Mr. Kerkeni grew up and learned his trade from a father who was an expert in the field of cleaning with over 30 years of experience.

The combination of this expertise, the taste for a job well done and the desire for an irreproachable quality of service, makes Carpetterie unique in its kind.

Your carpets are respected, their fibres are thoroughly and gently cleaned and their shine is revived. At each stage of their cleaning, they are taken care of by trained and experienced carpet makers, specialists in their field, who are committed to doing their job well.

Our sole aim is to give your carpets a second life, and we do it well.